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Is this a “virus” or “bacteria” symptom?

Is this a “virus” or “bacteria” symptom? When entering the changing of the seasons every time The weather around us will change dramatically. From hot to rain From rain to cold and from cold to hot For this reason, It’s easy to get sick with the flu. Especially young children and the

Caicedo before the market closes.

Caicedo before the market closes. Chelsea are ready to fight for a price. Chelsea are yet to postpone their plans for Brighton’s Ecuadorian midfielder Moises Caicedo. Ready to move the price up again in the new offer. The team is not discouraged, people are waiting, do n’t be frustrated . Ready to move

Amrabat to add to the middle.

Amrabat to add to the middle. Former Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves urges his former club Don’t have to think too much about throwing money to grab Fiorentina midfielder Sofiane Amrabat to strengthen the army, ensuring the quality of the players. high enough to benefit directly This

Two Lion scouts saw Osimhen performance in the wrong game.

Italian media say Chelsea sent scouts to watch Napoli’s Nigeria striker Victor Osimhen. But it appears to have picked the wrong game. Il Mattino, the Italian media, reported that Chelsea had sent the club’s representatives. They were two scouts to watch Ozimen’s form in Napoli’s 2-0

Manchester United tried again Rabiot.

Manchester United have renewed their interest in France midfielder Adrien Rabiot. Because the contract with Juventus is about to expire this summer. French media L’Equipe reports that. Manchester United are ready to make an approach and make an offer for Rabiot to reconsider. Even though I had