Arteta complains the Saudi league advantage in the transfer market

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Arteta complains that the Saudi league has advantage in the transfer market over the Premier League.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta slams Saudi Pro League have an advantage over his villagers, especially the Premier League when the football market will close later than anyone else

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta slams Saudi Pro League. He has an advantage over his villagers, especially in the English Premier League when the football market has time to open for a while. and will close down slower than anyone This makes it possible for Premier League players or even Arsenal themselves to move out to Saudi Arabia later.

After Cristiano Ronaldo entered the Saudi football market at the beginning of the year, arriving this summer, the Pro League Saudi invaded European football heavily and the Premier League has dozens of players. Already rocking gold in the Middle East include Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, Riyad Mahrez, Allan Saint-Maximin, Ruben Neves and Chelsea team. C more

Several other Premier League players are also expected to be on the radar of Pro League teams, with Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey appearing to be back in Arteta’s plans. again

The Pro League closes in the summer on September 20, while the Premier League and top European leagues All of them close the summer market on September 1 only.

“The transfer market is still open. Therefore, I choose not to mention or mention anything at this time. because in this business You never know.”

“But I understand. Now there’s a new contender. And you can see that a lot has happened so far. And it’s also something we have to prepare ourselves against,” told สมัคร ufabet