Amrabat to add to the middle.

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Amrabat to add to the middle.

Former Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves urges his former club Don’t have to think too much about throwing money to grab Fiorentina midfielder Sofiane Amrabat to strengthen the army, ensuring the quality of the players. high enough to benefit directly

This one is good. I guarantee that Owen Hargreaves, a former Manchester United midfielder , advised the old agency. Don’t have to think too much about throwing money to grab Fiorentina ‘s Moroccan midfielder Sofiane Amrabat to strengthen the army when ensuring the quality of the players. High enough to directly benefit Erik Ten Hag ‘s team.

It is already believed that The next deal that Manchester United will undertake is to officially approach Amrabat from Fiorentina after having already acquired 1 goalkeeper and 1 striker, Andre Onana from Inter Milan and Rasmus Hoilund from Atalanta

“Ten Hag seems to be very clear on what he wants,” said the former England international. “With Manchester United it looks like one or two midfielders will leave, either Fred or Van de. Beck, and if one of them moves out They need a replacement.”

“Amrabat would be a wonderful choice. You can see that United will be different when Marcus Rashford and Casemiro are not playing and especially that Casemiro won’t play every game anyway so having Amrabat. would be great Especially in terms of physical condition.

“He’s a complete man in many games, we’ve seen that very clearly from the World Cup. Amrabat will be a good addition in midfield. He will increase his athleticism and like a great footballer.”

“You may have to be careful with your shopping, but I think Amrabat is a great solution. Their strength will be upgraded. and more than last season. Report from