Pogba injury is not serious, but see you again next season.

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Paul Pogba wraps up the 2022-23 season ahead of his Juventus team-mates after his injury tests have been confirmed.

Pogba was forced off during the first half of Juventus’ 2-0 home win over Cremonese on Sunday. And had to undergo an injury examination at J Medical on Monday morning.

Juventus revealed Pogba’s tests revealed a problem with a low level of the rectus femoris muscle. And he was in the process of rehabilitating.

Sport Mediaset reports that this type of injury will take around 20 days to recover. Meaning the France international is out of action for the remainder of the 2022-23 season UFABET

For Pogba, facing ongoing problems Since the contract with Manchester United expired and signed a free contract. With Juventus for the second time last summer.

The 30-year-old midfielder has had to suffer from injuries that have missed helping the team since the beginning of the season. And also missed the 2022 World Cup with the French national team. This season has played only 159 minutes for the Bianconeri.

However, Pogba suffered a knee injury in pre-season. Until causing him to stay for a long time. Although it was likely that he would recover from the injury until he returned to help the team. But until then, Pogba has not completely recovered so he hasn’t played a single game for the team this season.