Bayern eyeing Osimen if Lewan lose.

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Napoli striker Victor Osimen has been among the targets of Bayern Munich football team looking for a replacement for Robert Lewandowski.

Italian outlet Il Corriere dello Sport reported on Friday. That Bayern Munich have contacted Napoli with questions about the Tigers’ back-to-back Victor Osimen. The South are looking for a replacement for Robert Lewandowski. Who has the opportunity to leave Munich this summer. 

Osimen had an impressive season last season under coach Luciano Spalletti. Have tipped 14 goals in 27 Serie A games before news broke. That the Naples could consider selling the 23-year-old as the club seek wage cuts and rehabilitation. UFABET But will not sell the players with cheap prices, of course.

The report claims that Bayern Munich have contacted Napoli about Osimen. And the possibility of a future deal. Because the beer giant is looking for a representative for Lewandowski. 

Osimen moved from Lille to Napoli in the summer of 2020 for an initial fee of 70 million euros. Manchester United, Arsenal, Newcastle and Bayern Munich, with the Naples demanding no less than 100 million euros for the release of the Nigerian striker.

Play style’s Victor Osimhen.

Victor Osimhen, his position could be a center forward. But in reality it’s not like that. He was always running around to connect with his friends. does not stand waiting for the ball in the penalty area only Despite having a thick and tall physique, with a height of 186 centimeters that can play the ball well in the air.

 But he stood out for speed. a diligent person Can’t run all, very suitable for pressing play system He was not a very technical person. but will use courage and determination to fight As for finishing the score, this is a great idea. It is said that this is another player with a sensitive nose. and always at the right time in the penalty area