Barcelona president says he is working on a contract with Lewan.

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Barcelona vice-president Eduard Romeu has clarified what the Azulgrana side must do. If they hope to sign Robert Lewandowski this football summer.

Barcelona’s vice president for economics Eduard Romeu told Spanish publication RAC1 on Friday. What the Azulgrana side had to do to sign Roma. Bayern Munich’s Poland national team striker Bert Lewandowski this summer. Especially the reduction of the wages of the players in the current team.

After La Liga president Javier Tebas told reporters Barcelona did not have enough potential to sign Lewandowski ahead of Azulgrana’s vice-president of economics Romeu. UFABET It will shed light on the club’s financial problems. And what needs to be done to sign the Pol goalkeeper.

Romeu said.

‘Currently, the norm is one for Financial Fair Play rules.’ , ‘if we can get more than three times the cost plus amortization. He can sign but first we have to work to close the lever.’

‘If we don’t do as we are now, as a rule we cannot sign him.

Barcelona’s vice-president also confirmed that Azul Grana were planning to cut wages for their players, and stressed that the club bears the burden of massive wages compared to other teams.

‘We have €560 million in wages, compared to Bayern it’s more than double, they have €300 million and (Real) Madrid have €400 million,’ Romeu added.

‘Negotiations with the team will be individual. With the players, experience will depend more on technical interests and which is more interesting for the club. The most expensive contracts have to be negotiated in advance.’

Romeu also discussed the possibility of selling Frenkie de Jong to raise funds. ‘Right now we don’t have a budget for selling players. What I’m talking about is a technical problem with Frenkie de Jong. One is that you get paid and the other you (can) use (it) for other payments.’