Allegri fears Juventus may not survive the deduction.

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Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri knows the club’s sanctions are not over yet. And there may be another surprise in the next few days.

Juventus just won 2-0 at home against Cremonese, leaving the Bianconeri in second place with 69 points. 3 points ahead of third-placed Inter and 8 points above fifth-placed AC Milan.

However, winning the UEFA Champions League quota next season from finishing in the top 4 in the Serie A table this season. There can still be a turnaround for Juventus of which Allegri knows this well.

“We need to secure second place.” Allegri said of the team’s situation after Sunday’s win over Cremonese UFABET 

Juventus had previously been handed a 15-point deduction in January. The case of the Italian Football Federation Investigation found former club executives guilty of financial fraud. By forging financial accounting documents to exaggerate profits between 2019 and 2021. Almost losing hope to win Europe’s biggest cup ticket.

But in April, Juventus appealed the penalty to the Italian Olympic Committee. And succeeded in getting 15 points back. However, the zebra is still at risk of penalty cuts. If the Italian Football Federation uses new evidence to file an offense within 30 days. The ban could be reduced to nine points.

If, as expected, Juventus will drop to 60 points. Forcing them to return to compete for fourth place against Milan, Roma and Atalanta in the final three games.