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Barcelona president says he is working on a contract with Lewan.

Barcelona vice-president Eduard Romeu has clarified what the Azulgrana side must do. If they hope to sign Robert Lewandowski this football summer. Barcelona’s vice president for economics Eduard Romeu told Spanish publication RAC1 on Friday. What the Azulgrana side had to do to sign Roma.

Newcastle and AC Milan win! Botman insists on preparing for Lille

Dutch defender Sven Botman has revealed he intends to leave Lille this summer. Amid links with Newcastle and AC Milan, the defender has confirmed both teams are interested in signing him. Shortly after becoming the richest club in the world. Eddie Howe’s side took a keen

President Salernitana reveals his love for free Cavani.

Danilo Ervolino, president of Salernitana Said. He would love to sign veteran striker Edinson Cavani on a free transfer this football summer. The Campania club escaped relegation for the first time in Serie A. After making a dramatic turn of the second half of the season

Mkhitaryan turned down Roma to sign Inter Milan for free.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has turned down a final contract offer from Roma. And will join Inter Milan on a free transfer. Partisan Giullo Rossi updated their offer on Thursday. With a value of approximately 4.2 million euros per season. Including various bonuses that is equal to Inter’s offer. However,

Understanding Online Baccarat Ranked Casino Games.

Online baccarat It’s a fun casino game. It is very popular in Thailand. playing baccarat It will give you a 100% bonus when depositing into a secure web service provider. You need to study to access a reliable website. Deposit – withdraw quickly within 1 minute, with special promotions of

What happen to the popularity of Baccarat?

Low Risk – High Winning Chance. Baccarat is consider a gambling game with a very low banker advantage of 1.06%, while the player’s advantage is as high as 1.24% compare to casino games or other types of gambling. Others like Blackjack with a banker edge

How to Play Baccarat card.

New gamblers may think that Baccarat card games are difficult to play. It’s complicated and the stakes are quite high. But in fact, everything is the complete opposite. The truth is that baccarat card games are easy to play. No skills or experience required. New players can play immediately. By

Easy tips to win at online slots.

Easy tips for winning online slots. Slot games are games of fortune. Players may have to have luck in gambling. Winning online slots is not easy. But it’s not difficult. If players know how to play know the secrets of playing and be conscious of place bets .Today, to give you the best chances of winning online

6 techniques to spin slots to get money.

Choose a game.  Choose to play a slot game to be that. Nothing can tell spin slots are risky. They are very risky, less risky, depending on that slot game and the payout rate. Players will have to choose and try to play and analyze the risks themselves. Which games with low payout

What are Slots?

Slots are online gambling games. Also known as online slots. Online gambling has been added a long time ago in the system. Online casinos on various online gambling websites , online slots games are another online gambling game. That is very popular at the moment. With an excite play style, games, cabinets, slots with a chance to win