“Los of appetite” may dangerous signal of unexpecte serious disease.

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Los of appetite” may dangerous signal of unexpecte serious disease.

Anorexia (Loss of Appetite) is a condition of not feeling like food. The need to eat food decreases. Sometimes you may feel hungry but don’t feel like eating anything. This symptom can be caused by both physical and mental health problems. Especially Los of appetite severe anorexia that is not caused by loss of appetite, feeling like eating repeatedly, eating frequently, or monotonously to the point of not wanting to eat.

However, anorexia is a condition that should not overlook or ignored. Because this may not be a small matter. And it’s not a normal symptom. If you suddenly lose your appetite even though you normally like to eat, Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Symptoms of anorexia

Anorexia causes the sufferer to have a loss of appetite. I don’t want to eat food. Want less food Including refusing food that you used to like or refusing to eat normal amounts of food. Sometimes, people who suffer from this problem can go all day without eating at all, even though they feel hungry. What follows is body weight decreased

Most of the time, people who experience abnormal anorexia often also experience other symptoms, such as feeling nauseous all the time, constipation, bloating, fatigue, insomnia, boredom with things around them, or lack of motivation to live their lives. Feeling sad about life Or it can be severe to the point of having thoughts of suicide.

In general, if the cause is stress Symptoms usually disappear within 2-3 days, usually within 1 week or the stress condition improves. But if you start having severe Los of appetite symptoms like this, you must see a doctor immediately. Because it may be caused by physical health problems that are symptoms of illnesses such as

  • Unable to attempt to eat for more than 3 days and constantly feeling nauseous.
  • Unable to drink water or even attempt to consume fluids
  • Vomiting for more than 1 day
  • Rapid weight loss for no apparent reason
  • Feeling pain while trying to eat
  • Not feeling like having a bowel movement, little urine, strong smell and dark color, including constipation.

Additionally, complications can occur if not treated. It will cause more severe symptoms, such as fatigue. body weight decreased Arrhythmia, fever, and malnutrition

Factors that cause anorexia

People who experience anorexia will be able to eat normally once the food they eat is changed. or change the atmosphere in which to eat food But if you start to be sure that the boredom doesn’t happen from eating the same old food until you feel bored. That means it is caused by health. Anorexia can be caused by 3 main factors.

physical health problems It is an illness that occurs in the body. This is usually caused by infection with both viruses and bacteria. Therefore, there is often a temporary illness associated with it, such as the flu. However, the patient will be able to eat normally once the illness is cured.

But what you have to be careful of is if the patient has severe symptoms. That may be caused by an underlying disease. If you were not aware of it before or have other symptoms leading to the suspicion that you may have a serious disease, you must immediately see a doctor. For diagnosis both from clinical diagnosis and further laboratory diagnosis.

Most often, diseases that are a factor in causing anorexia include stomach cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver failure , kidney failure, hepatitis, HIV infection, dengue fever , etc.

Mental health problems It usually comes from stress. Anxiety and the feeling of suffering Feeling sad, sad, bored, causing a feeling of not wanting to eat. However, Los of appetite it often appears together with symptoms that clearly indicate a mental health disorder, such as fatigue and lack of motivation to live life. and may have suicidal thoughts

Side effects from medicine.  The use of some medicines has side effects that can cause anorexia. like antibiotics Chemotherapy Including drug use can also result in anorexia.

Anorexia treatment

Initial treatment varies according to the cause of the anorexia.

from physical health problems  If it is a temporary illness like the flu It can be treated by taking medicine and maintaining good health. Including trying to eat some food. May be divided into small meals, but eat often. Choose to eat nutritious foods. Gives a lot of energy So that you don’t have to eat a large amount but get enough energy. And drink lots of water. However, if it is a congenital disease Treating anorexia can be difficult. But you can take care of it so that your symptoms don’t get worse. and support according to symptoms

from mental health problems If it is a symptom of temporary stress Symptoms will improve on their own as stress subsides. But if it is related to a psychiatric illness such as depression, the patient needs to receive treatment from a psychiatrist in order to provide medication to treat the disease. or consult with a mental health professional to treat symptoms

from side effects from drug use  If it is a side effect from medicine used to treat disease You must consult your doctor to change or adjust your medication dosage. But if it is a side effect from drug use It must be treated correctly. to treat drug addiction as well